Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Workman Multisport Institute 5k- Dec 20, 2009

My two brothers just started a gym in Salt Lake and they put on their first race on Saturday December 20th. It was an unofficial event, and the course was really about 3.2 to 3.3 miles. It consisted of 2 loops around Sugarhouse Park. I have been training here and there in my vibrum 5-fingers, but I decided to try this race in them and see how I did. I completed the course in 25:06 and came in 4th out of 13 finishers, and 2nd place in the women's division. I have a shiny metal to boot. Not bad for a freeby race :) Jeff came in 22 seconds ahead of me and 3rd overall, second in the men. My speedy brother Sean took 1st place. Between 2-4 place were only about 4o seconds, we were all neck in neck the whole time, and I was ahead of Jeff a lot of the time, but he is faster down the hills and had to beat me on the last hill ( couldn't handle being chicked by his wife).
There was a drawing for a GoBe and Jeff won the drawing, so in the end the Tulley family made a hule, and the Workman clan took 3 of the 4 top spots. The girl who was ahead of me and beat me by 40 seconds (sorry can't remember her name) also did a great job and gave me a good chase! Thanks Tyler and Erik for putting on the race, lets do it again soon!