Monday, April 9, 2012

Killtherun is back in action!

After a long sabbatical, fear not people, No I have not left the running world. I am back and more committed then ever.

After moving twice in the last 6-months, building a new home, starting a midwifery school, and recovering from a hysterectomy in at the same time, I have suffered a physical setback. But it is just another challenge to make this year the best running year of my life.

After finishing nearly 50 miles of the first annual Running With the Buffaloes 100 miler sponsored by Lisa Smith-Batchen and Dream Chasers, I had to take a break. I suffered a run-in with frost-bite during a 17 mile mountain run, and while my feet were recovering had an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage, followed by a hysterectomy.

During this time my organization, Birth Rite Women's Center , has grown substantially in wonderful people coming in to support our innovative midwifery education and Prenatal Parenting Program.

Although I have physically been through the ringer, there are many blessings unfolding in my life right now. We have a beautiful new home located at the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon. After having to withdraw from the Wasatch 100 lottery thinking I would be having an unexpected 4th baby with my 3rd baby turning 10, I was able to be reinstated in the lottery after miscarrying. According to sources who were at the lottery for Wasatch 2012 my name was drawn out first out of the hat. I am taking that as a sign that my priority this year is to figure out my body, and to finish Wasatch. I am grateful for pacers if anyone would like to pace me this year.

Unfortunately I had to forgo running the Antelope Island 100 miler due to the surgery. Antelope Island Buffalo is my favorite run to break in for the new running season, but it was apparently meant to be as my sister Mindy, ended up losing her first baby at 21 weeks of pregnancy due to sudden onset of preeclampsia. We were also trying to move, close on our new home, and I had my friend Linda Wirth come and we presented a workshop on Prenatal Parenting.

But you can't keep an ultrarunner down forever. Two weeks ago I started officially training again, and I am now detoxing from all the drugs in my system from surgery, and I plan to finish Squaw Peak 50 miler in just over 8 weeks!

My goal this year: NO DNFS!

My Race Menu so far: Squaw Peak 50, Katchina Mosa 100K, Wasatch 100 Miler. Hoping to add in one more 100 miler or 100 K in October or November.

See you on the trails!