Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bear 100

I just did it! I wasn't planning on doing a 100m this year, but I just got inspired to sign up for the Bear 100. So I am going to attempt it this year. I am wondering about my sanity a bit, but I am a thrill seeker, and this seems like a thrill!

Also, I have been in some negotiations with one of the grad schools I applied to. I am on the top of the alternate list now. Pray that I get into the program in the fall!!!

Upcoming besides Squaw

Kat'cina Mosa 100k

Bear 100M

Squaw Peak 50 Training Run on May 30,2009

Squaw Peak 50 Training Run at the Top of Bozung Hill
Next week I will be running my 5th 50 miler. Squaw Peak is officially rated as the 3rd most difficult course in the U.S for 50 milers. I am calling it good training for the 100 miler I plan on signing up for in the next 12-24 months.

Yesterday was Jeff's birthday, and we spent it running from mile 33 to mile 46.5 with John Bozung and his wife, and a few other crazies who will be there next week . The snow level was pretty low this year. A few difficult spots coming down from Windy Ridge, but from what I had heard, it can be a lot worse. I am excited! This will be an adventure next week, not to mention a beautiful course! Stay tuned for an official race report and more pictures.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ogden Marathon May 17, 2009

Yesterday I ran my favorite marathon course, Ogden! This marathon starts up near Huntsville Utah, and runs around Pineview reservoir. After coming around the reservoir the course takes a turn down Ogden Canyon, into a parkway, and the last half mile ends in downtown Ogden. The course runs a little long by my GPS 26.63 miles. My total time was 4:34. This was a great race. My boxing training has helped my run. I did not push my pace at all because I am doing Squaw Peak in 3 weeks, but my time was still good for how easy it felt. The weather was perfect. The morning started out a little cold until the sun came up, but within 2-3 miles of the start of the race it was warming up a lot.

My only problem today is a cramp in my left arch that won't go away. I tried a sample of the KT athletic tape that I got in my race packet. It may be helping a little bit. I am working it out, but I am taking tomorrow off from boxing because I think it will aggravate it. Instead I might run 2-3 miles and then go to a boring yoga class ( to hitting and kicking , but my body probably needs the stretch).

I did have a hard time getting going this morning. I had only gotten 2.5 hours of sleep the night of the race because I was catching up with some friends, and stayed too late. So I was tired by last night, but I am feeling really good now.

Look for a post on the Squaw Peak 50. I am running SP on June 7th.