Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow Shoe Festival 50K and update

It has been a very busy year, so I haven't been updating much.

But I am doing much better. Through lots of sleep, time management, and Nutritional Support I completed 45 miles of the 100K on Antelope Island in November. My first test run and I had no hydration issues.

I climbed Kilimanjaro in January.

I completed the Katoohla Winter Snow Shoe 50K and was the only woman who finished. So despite my slow time due to not having much time to train this year, I got a first place trophy, and came in last! It was awesome!

I have been spending more time on conditioning, and will pick up more on boxing and my miles once I graduate in about 8 weeks. But my body is working better, and my POTS symptoms have not been bothering me. They are almost not noticeable.

Lots of emotional support, nutritional help from Elena, and rest, and supplements to help my adrenal glands have seemed to help. I am now needing a close to normal amount of salt that you would expect, and not the super high amounts.

This has been encouraging news!