My Quest In Training for a 100 Miler

I attempted my first 100 miler in September of 2009. The Bear 100 is a tough, but beautiful course! I DNFd at 45 miles. I am now on a quest for 2 finishes 2 weeks apart this year. The things I am doing different:

1. I consider myself mostly recovered from an eating disorder, but I have never really learned how to fuel properly for my sports. In November of 2009, I started working with Elena Yorgason on my sports and over all nutrition. I had no idea I was only eating about 1/2 of the calories I needed on a daily basis, and not enough during my races! All the light bulbs are clicking! I believe my 2 DNFs (Katcina Mosa 100k and Bear 100m) had a lot to do with no nutritional base, or at least not a great one. I could handle 50 miles because it is a shorter distance. After a few months of adjusting my diet, I am noticing a huge difference in my endurance. I was just completely losing energy and not getting it back during my races.

2. Training- I am upping my miles to 60-80 miles per week, and doing 2 weekends a month of back to back 20 + mile runs. I need the mileage build up for speed!

3. Extreme temp training!- Especially in the heat.