Friday, June 26, 2009

Running Bare Foot

I am trying to make the switch to barefoot running. I bought the Five Finger Vibrums KSO
from a friend who gave me a pair to try. I worn them around school all winter, and finally have started running in them the last couple of months. Really only a few times, but getting longer on the distance each time. I wasn't getting past 2 miles because I would start getting blisters every time. So today on the advice of some experienced ultrarunners I purchased the Injinji
running sock! The perfect solution for the vibrum! And guess what, no blisters! The only problem now is that because my feet weren't rubbing, I took off fast, and ran 1 mile of trail, and then 1.2 miles down pavement. OUCH! my toes cramped up on the bottom of my right foot. Running in the VFFs on pavement forces you to pay very close attention to your form and stride! Running uphill on trails is easy, and running flat on trails is not much more difficult, but running on pavement is a lot harder on your foot, and requires you to tread lightly, and especially land mid sole. Vibrums will teach you where you stride is off. I found out tonight mine is off still on downhills. Because I have been working so much on not landing on my heels, I do ok on ups and flats, but I overcompensate on downhills, and land too far forward on my soles. I think I need to sit back more into my stride on the downhills. At any rate, I have found something new to try, and running barefoot is like learning a brand new sport.

I also bought the Invo-8 Roclite 305s trail shoe today. I am in heaven already! I have used the Cascadia's for the last year, and they have been a great shoe, but the Roclites are so much lighter and feel like I have nothing on my foot. I am going to alternate more between these two shoes before I decided what to replace my second shoe with. The Mizuno Wave and Brooks have been my shoes of choice for the last year, but now I am trying to go more for the minimum shoe, and so I am changing shoe strategy.

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