Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hill climbing and stability: Let your weekness drive you do your strength

I'm currently in an evolutionary phase. I have been struck my many challenges in life, and overcome many. But the biggest one right now is speed on hills, and stability to run fast down steep and technical hill courses. I've overcome hydration and electrolyte imbalance issues. I've figured out the optimal diet regamine to regain my health improve my performance, and to keep my POTS symptoms at bay. I don't understand completely why I'm driven with a passion mostly toward accomplishing things that do not naturally come easy to me and mastering them.

I've thought about the things I'm good at that I like, but something about it coming easy to me either makes it not as exciting, or makes me want to take it to an impossible level that I'm not sure is even possible.

I look for the races that are the hardest, I can't see the point of running something I already know I can do, unless I'm trying to do it faster than I believe is even possible.

I'm getting back on track to follow the No Sugat, No grains, high-fat' low-carb lifestyle that I know was working for controlling inflammation, improving energy, and almost eliminating POTS flare ups. I had a few rough months of transitioning into a space that I can freely evolve.

But now I'm awake within myself completely, living my purpose without the limitations of fear and false beliefs of those who are constantly afraid of losing control and want to limit your growth by projecting their inner demons onto you. I won't accept emotional abuse and will only work in an environment of love and respect that foster my creatives being.

So now I take on the challenge of pursuing transforming my relationship with hill climbing and stability on uneven and unstable terrain. The impossible goal, that I will achieve of running up and gliding down mountains with speed and confidence and bending to the Earth as I'm focused, present, aware, and in flow.

In a year from now I promise, I will not be the runner you recognize now, the one who does fine with the pack until that steep grade climbs up or that trail becomes unsteady on the way down. This year will be a year of hills and making the unstable stable and natural.

My purpose I believe is to emerge as the one one expected or took seriously,
Except for the fee that are in my closest inner-circle, or have the ability to bend their view to include the unseen possibilities.

The theme of my life has seemed to be disgregarded as a possibility of success. But I'm grate for the disgregard, because it's taught me that I don't need approval or belief from others to succeed. Sometimes I fail many times in the process of trying to learn, an those failures are taken as evidence by others that I don't have what it takes.

But if you happened to notice, as many times as I've failed, I've come back doing better the next time, because of what I learned before.

This year it will be hills and trails and speed.

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