Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ogden Marathon May 17, 2009

Yesterday I ran my favorite marathon course, Ogden! This marathon starts up near Huntsville Utah, and runs around Pineview reservoir. After coming around the reservoir the course takes a turn down Ogden Canyon, into a parkway, and the last half mile ends in downtown Ogden. The course runs a little long by my GPS 26.63 miles. My total time was 4:34. This was a great race. My boxing training has helped my run. I did not push my pace at all because I am doing Squaw Peak in 3 weeks, but my time was still good for how easy it felt. The weather was perfect. The morning started out a little cold until the sun came up, but within 2-3 miles of the start of the race it was warming up a lot.

My only problem today is a cramp in my left arch that won't go away. I tried a sample of the KT athletic tape that I got in my race packet. It may be helping a little bit. I am working it out, but I am taking tomorrow off from boxing because I think it will aggravate it. Instead I might run 2-3 miles and then go to a boring yoga class ( to hitting and kicking , but my body probably needs the stretch).

I did have a hard time getting going this morning. I had only gotten 2.5 hours of sleep the night of the race because I was catching up with some friends, and stayed too late. So I was tired by last night, but I am feeling really good now.

Look for a post on the Squaw Peak 50. I am running SP on June 7th.

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