Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can I do sub 28 at Watach?

I have been discouraged this year because I have had so many problems with heat, hydration, hyponatremia that it has slowed my speed down. However, at least I haven't had to drop like I did two races last year, because I am figuring some things out. So I am getting more serious with my dedication to heat and hill training now. Plus, I am doing personal training 2 times per week, and boxing.

My second issue, is I seem to be having strange blood sugar issues. I am seeing Dr. J tomorrow, and hoping she has some answers that will help me fix some of these things. But I am kind of hitting myself in the head today wondering if my years of disordered eating habits are just now showing up. I take pretty good care of myself, but it is frustrating when you have health issues you know you did to yourself, and you start blaming yourself for being such a nimkumpoop for so many years. I know I would never be as hard to anyone else because it is a lot more complex than that, but damn, I can honestly say I wish I had never gone there. I know there are a lot of reasons why it wasn't my fault that I ended up there, but it is still hard to not be hard on yourself.

All I can say, is I am glad I am not there now, and I hope I can figure this out, so that I can kill Wasatch. I would love to hit a sub 28 for my first 100, and actually make a time goal for once this year!

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  1. I have had ALOT of trouble with hydration(I am also a recovering ED-er)and I have switched to coconut water. After years of suffering from all sorts of dehydration issues this is IT!!! I dilute it a little in my bottles, but it works great. It is the perfect balance of electrolytes. I do not feel overly thristy, no cramping, etc. I still lose a fair bit of weight from sweatng, but it seems better. I also use S!Caps which work for me. If it is really hot I take 1 every 45 mins or so of a long run. Good luck at Wasatch!!!So exciting!