Saturday, June 19, 2010

A night on the town

Tonight I went to a birthday party for a friend from SPEAK (students promoting eating disorder awareness and knowledge group at the U of U). I found it really funny that it was mostly made up of people recovering, recovered, or having something to do with eating disorders, probably most of us suffering from major anxiety issues, and the name of the joint "Fat's Bar and Grill".  Ok, it was a good place, and good food. But I am still laughing about it, laughing because I am having some major anxiety issues this week about some things, and I ended up there.

I am having some breathing problems when I run this week, and I hope I am not getting exercise induced asthma! I think it may be just still recovering from Squaw Peak, but damn, it is annoying! I have had it ever since Squaw Peak.


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  2. @ agoraphob I know, here hear. Selling a house is the only thing stopping me. Selling my house while trying to finish my last year of grad school. Seriously, I think as soon as I pass my LCSW test next May, I will be out of here. I really think my program is going to end up being up there, and then Utah Couny.... bu-bye! By the way, sorry I missed the cake! It looked really yummy!