Monday, April 15, 2013

When Life Takes You Away - Come Back To The Wasatch!

Let me give you an overview of the past two years:

1.  I graduated with my MSW almost exactly two years ago.

2. My family decided to move from our home in Lindon about a month later and started renovating the Lindon house.

3. We decided to peruse building a home in Springville.

4. We couldn't sell the home in Lindon with the poor economy so we rented it out and moved into a 700 sq foot underground house while our home was under construction.

5. I started an office up in Spanish Fork during that time, and a midwifery school emerged, now known as The Community School of Midwifery.

6. What I had intended to start was a holistic mental health and birth clinic and in order to meet supervision requirements in Utah, had a supervisor who owned Trauma Recovery Center. That situation did not work out, and so I focused on midwifery education my first year out of grad school.

7. During that year I had a hysterectomy, my little sister lost her baby a few weeks after my surgery due to sudden onset pre-eclampsia at 20 weeks, and then we moved again into our new home in Springville.

8. I also attended a midwifery educators conference in Virginia while still recovering.

9. During the summer of 2012, I connected with The Healing Group and found a way to enter the mental health field again, working with the population I love, Mamas! I went to the BEST training amongst the fires of Colorado City, flew to the scorching heat of Las Vegas to attend the Postpartum Support International Conference on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders where I was privileged to meet my new coworkers at THG and listen to Wendy Davis and Birdie Meyer for two days.

10. Upon returning home it was another office paint and move from Spanish Fork to Springville to establish a presence with THG in Utah County.

11. Learning much from teaching the first year, and knowing that I needed more business professionals in the school I took on Melissa Chappell as a business partner and we officially established the Community School of Midwifery.

12. Now in our second year running we have a home for CSM in Springville as well.

13. Conferences, meet ups with other well-qualified professionals a cross the country, and my practice with THG becoming full in less than 6 months of being established with them we took on two more therapist down at the Springville Office.

Post-surgery recovery really took a tole on my running as did life. So now I am committing to taking some pieces back for my health and wellbeing. After a miserable start at the Wasatch 100 in September 2012, my body and muscles were still too week to push my up fast enough, and I timed out before Francis peak (about 18 miles). I got into the Wasatch again for 2013, and I am making all of the necessary changes and setting boundaries on my time and demands to commit to my health, training, and wellbeing.

I am joining my sisters in supporting their Herbalife business by becoming a consumer of their produces (I am not selling them myself, I don't sell products but if you are interested I can pass your name onto my sisters). I told Claude Grant after jumping in his white truck again for the second time at Francis Peak that I never wanted to see the inside of his white truck again on that course!

And I mean it! This year is lucky 13, and Wasatch is my big obstacle of my stubborn endurance and I will conquer! Follow me to see my commitment to conquering the beast of The Wasatch 100, 2013! Also registered for Squaw Peak 50, and hoping for my 3rd finish for Squaw Peak, and Kachina Mosa 100 K driving for a finish!

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