Thursday, March 25, 2010

Priorities, priorities, priorities.....

This is a directive from my dietitian of all people :) Make a list and prioritize, my life. Like what is important, how important is it. So I actually did that last night, and I took a bunch of sticky notes and wrote on them, and then lined them all up and organized them to see how everything I am doing relates to each other. It was actually quite helpful. It was also a bit depressing. I don't know if I link knowing how much I actually need to get done. It is huge! But I am organizing, so for the next year my life is going to be about writing programs, establishing a new career, writing, and running. And yes, all of that relates to eachother, however, if I tried to tell you I doubt you would get it, so if you really want to know, come look at my presentation board full of sticky notes and you can see a linear model of my brain process.

So on a personal priority my goals are to complete the task and organize my schedule with sleep and nutrition being a high priority. Otherwise, I am not going to feel great and fall back into nasty habits. Running is up there as well, and it also relates to wanting to weave it in to my new business model.

I might have bit off a lot, but I am breaking it down. On Saturday I am running the Buffalo 50 miler, I am getting ready for that right now. Actually I was doing some homework, but now I am getting my car stripped out to make a bed, then I will get drop bags ready etc. I love the adventure of my life, even if sometimes it is daunting to look at everything I sign up for!

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  1. awesome way to prioritze! good luck on saturday!!