Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vibrum KSO Trek review

These are totally worth the extra cost!! I finally found a brown pair in my size. I bought Jeff a black pair for Christmas, and I have never been able to find the treks in my size until last Saturday! I did 10 miles in them on Saturday, and that was my longest "barefoot" run yet! It is getting more natural feeling, but I am afraid I will still have to do some shoe running on the Antelope Island 50m. On Monday I did 7 miles in them, and my legs were feeling that Satursday run. I also pushed my speed the whole time on Saturday, and it was a good workout!  But this morning, it took a half an hour of walking around to stretch out my calf. I am loving loving loving loving it though!!!! Oh, and Jeff has been doing a lot of mid week runs with me between 5-7 miles in his V5F as well. It is nice to have older kids now, who can handle life on the run! Really, I am so used to having to run solo all the time because of having to trade off to watch kids, and too many people assuming that I am fast just because I run far.

But I am finding some people who want to run with me every once in a while now, and it is kind of a fun social aspect that i haven't had with running before! In April I am going down to run the Grand Canyon R2R2R with a couple of ultrarunning buddies. I am really excited about that. Then it will be Timp Trail, and before I know Squaw Peak again. Wasatch is getting closer, excited and terrified, and going to spend most of this summer training on that course!

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