Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9 hours on a dreadmill

OK, to this got started after responding to a facebook post by Jarom Thurston with the message "Any women who want to run in shifts against me on Saturday. I am running on a dreadmill (yes that is the official term DREADmill) for 9 hours at the Women's Expo". So my smart ass reply was "Why in shifts". Thinking, women can run on dreadmills for long hours as well :) So I challenged him to a friendly 1 and 1. However, I got my days mixed up and didn't realize he was running Friday. I have to work Friday. So now, instead I will be at Utah Valley University Women's Expo on Saturday against Matt Ward from 11-8 on the dreadmill head to head. I haven't met Matt officially yet, but it should be a good time! Goal- 50 miles. That will be 3 runs in 4 weeks that are 50 miles!

Come watch me run the dreadmill!


  1. That sounds interesting but also very tough. I think the mental battle will be more difficult than the physical one. Good luck and enjoy! You really put in some crazy distances!

  2. That is AWESOME! You can do it! ;-)