Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good things coming! The floodgates open

OK, seriously folks! I have to be the most randomly put together person I know! I am a midwife, mother, runner, socialworkish freak, boxer, writer, and I am sure I could find more labels that seem to all be randomly put together? So what does random and all these things have to do with eating disorder, addiction, and other recovery? Well, I am inclined not to say too detailed yet, but I will say this. Life keeps getting more and more exciting.

Watch for some updates in the next month, if all goes well I may have a new and exciting program to offer you in the fall! This is an approach to treatment in an empowering way that you probably have never seen! Really the idea's just keep getting better and better. Yesterday they were awesome, today they are fantastical! Yes, that is a word. I come from a family of wierding words, and randomizing life, because it is fun!

Really, I think I am about to present one of the most awesome idea's in treatment I have ever heard of. Mostly because it is the treatment I wish I could have had when I needed treatment. I want people to experience what I had to create for myself individually, but it is not just me! And it is based on evidence.

I feel like my ADHD has a place and a purpose. And now I need to turn my brain off and go to sleep. Yes, I know I sound all grandious and gitty, but it is not a manic phase of life I promise. I am not really manic, I am just a maniac in general. So this is just normative, and I am excited.

I am now seeing why I abandoned the idea of nursing school, even though at the time I wondered why the hell I decided to apply for a social work program. Really, it is not where I thought I would be!

If all of this makes no sense to you, then just wait :) If I have talked to you, you know what I am talking about, and it is getting better every moment!

Oh, so you want to hear something about running? I am running R2R2R next Saturday. I lost my boxing gloves, and had to order a new pair:( They should be here tomorrow. Now to bed. I am training with Tandi in the morning, and she tends to be sadistic these days..haha

Goodnight, and if you read my random post and are still confused, don't worry, you are not the only one!

Oh, I just noticed some more peeps are following me. So welcome, and goodnight.



  1. I'm one of the peeps and a bit confused but in a good way.

  2. Nice work!

    Exciting! Your ideas are unique and there is nothing out there (at least in Utah) like it!

  3. Johann :) No worries, I am a confusing person I am told..haha.... I will post more when I have more to make public. Shelly is right, I don't think there is anything like it in the US. I have been searching. I don't know about anywhere else, but so far not yet.