Monday, May 31, 2010

Training for ????

Conversation of the day. A few minutes ago I was reading Karl Meltzer's running blog, and his explanation of his broken radius. Reading about the Speedgoat 50k and how tough of a course it is, of course got me interested. So I jokingly said to Jeff " I think I am going to run it, a week before Katcina Mosa ( a really tough 100K)! The Speedgoat has about 11,000 of elevation gain, Katcina has about 12,000 ft.  I said I thought it would be a great training run for..... he cuts me off " Everything is a training run for something! What are you training for that is not a training run!"

"But think about it, I could run the two back to back and it would be great training for Wasatch in September!" and then he ask " What is Wasatch a training run for?"..... "It is training for Hardrock!"...... " What is Hardrock training for?".... I think about it for a minute "Hell!!" I said!

So then of course I had to sign up for it, and my rational is that if I can do those two tough courses 7 days apart, I will be more ready to run Wasatch 100 and Bear 100 14 days apart! See, it is perfectly logical..haha

So my current "training" schedule for the year is as follows:

Squaw Peak June 5th
Hiking down in Grand-Staircase Escalante July 2-5
Pacing and Crewing Badwater July 11thish or around there
Speedgoat 50k July 31st
Katcina Mosa 100K August 7th
Wasatch 100 mile endurance run- September 10-11
Bear 100- September 24-25
Ogden Valley 50m Last weekend of October

and I am considering running a new 100K on Antelope Island in November if Jim Skaggs puts it on for sure.


  1. Wow, that's some serious training fors...! Good luck, I'm sure you'll make it look easy.

  2. I look forward to reading about all of these races. So exciting.