Sunday, January 4, 2015

Miles for Midwives 17.2 down

I had intended on running 18 miles yesterday, and only got 2. So I geared up and went out on the Icy roads for 10 tonight and will finish 5 more on the treadmill in a bit. 

It wasn't POTS that kept me from running last night, it was a document I started writing about how trauma effects DNA and how maternal stress effects the temperament, stress resiliency, and emotional intelligence in offspring. I refered a lot to Dr. Fredrick Wirth who authored the Prenatal Parenting book and program, and I also discussed additional research supporting his theories. I could see his contagious smile and laugh as I wrote and before I new it i had been writing for 4 hours. It was 2 am and running had slipped my mind. 

My current writing,  started as a document on finding the Wisdom Self verses Mind identification in the treatment of severe trauma. But I wrote an additional section on the how generational trauma effects gene expression transgenerationally and why caring for mothers is so important. Dr. Wirth was a huge supporter of midwives, and I'm grateful for my foundation in Prenatal Parenting that is adding to the work I do with women now. 

The article I wrote last night and literature review i conducted in the process reafirms the importance of me following through with the Miles for Midwives campaign. 

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