Friday, January 2, 2015

Miles for Midwives is Underway!

I've logged my first 4.7 miles of the year! Only 2395.3 to go and I've also raised $35 so far! I'm hoping to raise $150,000 this year to support research and education in midwifery. 

I had set out to run 8 tonight, but I'm having a lot of POTS symptoms today. Namely my heart rate is jumping all over the place and indicative of needing rest and more electrolytes. I will sleep tonight and then set out for a 15-18 mile run tomorrow. 

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I will be blogging almost daily this year and also writing more specifically about being a distance runner with POTS and what it is like day in and day out. I have periods that I barely notice I have POTS (or at least my symptoms are easier to ignore) and I have stretches when I have difficulty getting out of bed, thinking straight, and I just don't feel well. 

I've been having a difficult stretch with POTS for the past 2 months. It was triggered by flying to St. Louis to the MANA conference, and then a few weeks later flying to Wisconsin. I've been slowly getting better but days like today are difficult to move at all. I know it's going to be a struggle to run or even get out of bed day when my heart rate is doing this. The picture below shows what happens when i go from a laying position to standing up when my symptoms are more severe. Ironically forcing myself to run and move makes these symptoms lessen and more manageable and my heart rate actually regulates better when I am training for 100 mile races. 

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