Thursday, July 15, 2010

And Elena says....

" Tara, you over react to everything! You changed everything too fast and so you ended up in the ER" and damn, she is right.

So now she is in charge of changing my diet to match my needs, and not all at once she says! It will throw my body into shock.

So the final goal is that I need about 5000mg of dietary salt per day, and 10000mg of dietary potassium.

For races I need 5000mg of salt per litter of fluid! Yikes! I said " Holy shit! That sounds disgusting" well, I didn't actually say shit there, I was just thinking it. Like is that more than Ocean water? But I said "OK, whatever, I don't care, if you say that is what I need then I will do it!" and then she says "That is why I like working with you, cause you will do it anyway!" 

So then she said I could do 2000mg of actual salt in my water, and take the rest in Scaps. This means that if it is hot and I am running that I actually need probably 10000mg of sodium per hour! No wonder I about died on Bear last year. I was getting about 600-700mg per hour and thinking I was fine. Nope, I am not the normal person or body.

For now we are just doing salt intake, and potassium will come next, and I will stop over reacting, and start letting Dr. J and Elena be in charge of figuring out my intake.

Other recommendations.

Compression hose while running to keep the blood flowing out of my legs

Ice vest or instant Ice packs in my drop bags to somehow where and cool my body temp down. And probably take early start times until I figure this out, so I can survive and not die in the heat. This is not to get a head start on everyone and advantage, this is until I can figure out my bodies needs and reaction in the heat.

So, look for faster times coming up. This has been the issue the whole time. I knew there was no good reason I should not be increasing my race speed when my actual running speed has improved by 2-3 minutes per mile!

I need more salt and potassium then is humanly possible I think!

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  1. Wow, that some intense salt intake you need. Good luck with this, hope you get it all sorted out.