Friday, July 30, 2010

Floody, Flood, Flood

Yeah! It was sucky! My family vacation that is. We didn't go on any vacation, because Jeff got laid off. We were going to go to Disney Land, but then we were in search-o-job mode and when Jeff got an offer with Mosy two weeks ago we decided we could go on vacation this week, because he starts his job Monday.  We are glad most of all that he starts a job Monday, but we decided, since planning last minute Disney Land was going to cost a fortune that we would let the kids decide where to go camp.

They wanted to go backpacking because that is what we did two years ago, and despite the whining and moaning, they claim it was the best trip ever. So we outfitted us all, and when on down to Escalante. Only problem..... it decided to be a desert monsoon this week! That meant, the canyon we stayed in the first night, although out of danger because the cave we stay in is high, had flooded within a few days of us coming in. Calf Creek rarely floods, but it had. So the next day we hiked out since the weather was not looking great. It was a wise call because the Escalante and everywhere was flooding later.

We went to Bryce Canyon, and slept in the campground, set up the tent in the rain, and then it stopped raining. The next day we got 1 hike in at Bryce before the monsoon hit again, and then we ended up in Goblin Valley last night, and this morning.

It was a bit of a tiring trip. Some fun, but a lot of storm skipping, and too much driving. I am glad to be home! Off to bed and running the Speed Goat 50K put on by Karl Meltzer starting at Snowbird up Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Morning. The claim by Karl is that this race has no flat parts on the course. It is all steep up and steep down.

Let you know how it goes.

Night People.

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