Thursday, July 8, 2010

New one!

Now I am actually seeing  a lot of improvement and sleeping, however, I think my body is wacked out and suddenly I am having major blood sugar issues. I think this is a response to my Adrenals being out of wack, and maybe a sudden shift in fluids. I am now on a bunch of Adrenal supplements, but right now my body is not handling carbohydrates well at all, and my blood sugar is sky rocketing as a result. It does better with physical activity, but I tell you, this is a weird weird problem! I am now monitoring my glucose levels, and tracking everything. I had to educate my NP on this problem, and what it is and how it is treated, etc. Really not a lot of clinicians even know this problem exist, and my dietitian and Dr. J are out of town. They are the only two people I know that know anything about it, but I am glad my NP listens too me and doesn't blow me off, or have a huge ego!

I think my body is adjusting, and hoping my adrenals will heal now that I am sleeping, but I am having to be very careful and rest a lot, but also have normal physical activity, because it actually is helpful.

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