Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New from Dr. J

So I went in to see Dr. J today. She says she thinks I might be in the early stages of type 2 diabetes because I am showing a lot of glucose intolerance. I hope she is wrong, but she ordered a 2 hour glucose test.

Second, she says "I have been discussing your case with all of my colleagues (which translates to you are a strange case that is a mystery to everyone)" not what I want to hear. But she is ordering some weird POTS test that they take your blood while you are laying down, and then having you stand up for a while, and take it standing up. She says in 17 years she has only performed this test maybe 3 times, and out of all the doctors I talk to she is the only one so far that knows anything about POTS, and can actually tell what is going on with my body.

Everyone else blew me off, when I said my glucose was raising over 120 points after I eat (within 30 minutes) because "everyone's raises!" Yes, but not over 120 points. She actually knows that is not a normal pattern..... ding ding ding.

Anyway, I think it still may have been an adrenal problem, so I guess we will see. But if she is right, she wants to start me on metaformin.

At least my body seems to be mostly getting better, and Elena's salt recommendations help, but now we have to monitor my blood pressure, because it does strange things to it. Why can't I have something normal, like.... I don't know, Rabies? There are shots for that!

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