Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the mend!

Wow, OK, I will post more later. But this whole saga ended with me in the ER 2 times for IV fluids last week, and another day I was in my friends office, a CNM, for IV fluids. I slept for 4 days straight, thought I was going to die. I was taking a bunch of Adrenal gland supplements, and I still am, and finally Monday morning, I woke up feeling mostly better. I went and worked out for 90 minutes. I was tired, and rested a lot that day. Tuesday morning I felt bad for a while, but got on top of it, and ended up feeling great. By today, I was full swing! I have been working out harder this year, and seeing my running times fall because of this hydration issue.

Well, I don't think I realized how much energy I have been losing over all. Tonight, I just did a short 3 mile run with hill repeats. I was hitting a 5:40 mile downhill, with no effort it seemed, no lung or breathing problems, no energy problems. My body was in sync. So maybe I am not too bad of a runner after all! My times are much faster when I am all balanced out.

Thanks for the suggestion on Coconut water, I actually have been doing that, about 1 gallon of low-cal Gatorade  (which I hate because of the dyes and artificial sweetener, but for some reason it is working better than anything else, and I need to keep my carb intake lower), Scaps, and water. This all seems to be working, and I think I am getting better, like really better, better than I was before I crashed. The crash started a year ago when I DNF'd Katcina. Now I am hopeful that I will be able to finish strong, and have a good chance of a sub 28 at Wasatch!

YAY! Let's hope this trend continues!

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  1. That is GREAT! And 5:40!? That is smokin' fast. Awesome.