Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fight number 4... and salt makes a difference!

I did my fourth Muay Thai fight today, and wow! Salt made a huge improvement on my life. I did about 5000mg potassium chloride, and 10000 of sodium chloride total in my water solution, and in Scaps.

This is the first fight that I have not felt dizzy, it is the first fight that I didn't feel winded afterward, and I actually didn't even feel like I was that exerted after. The previous 3 fights I would get done and  just be dead and unable to move off the floor for at least 30 minutes.  The adrenaline rush would wipe me out.

Now I think my adrenal glands are not stressed anymore and are functioning properly with the supplements I am taking, and the added salt prevented me from losing energy and getting dizzy.

This was my best fight yet, and I think I have figured out a fluid solution that works for me, and should make my races also much better! I am adding 3 tablets of Nathan Electrolytes to a 32 oz bottle. These are new and similar to Nuun, however they contain close to 1000mg of sodium per tablet and they have sodium chloride, Nuun dose not contain chloride, which is a problem if you are doing endurance events. I found a potassium effervescent powder containing 408 mg per package. I drink about 3-4 20 bottles of just potassium water, and then about 6-8 Scaps, and 32 oz of the Nathan solution with 3 more packets of potassium in the water. The effect was amazing!

I am glad to finally have something that is working, not sending me to the ER, and probably will make my times a lot faster on long courses! I even ran right after the fight. I ran about 3 blocks (just under 1/2 a mile) to get some sushi, and ran back. That was just after the fight, and I wasn't winded, and was sprinting, and want to go for a longer run tonight!

I am very happy about this fight, I have been training a lot too, I know my technique has improved, but having energy, not getting winded, and not fighting vertigo sure made it easier! I have never been more nervous before a fight either. I felt nervous and was having a hard time not panicking this time. When I got up to the ring I saw Tandi, she was rubbing Vaseline on my face and headgear, and just thought "Warrior", Tandi is a warrior, she is watching and cornering, be a warrior, and suddenly I was.......

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